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The 2 parts to Tattoo Removal are A.  the Tattoo Removal Laser and what the body does after lasering.
THE MAJORITY OF TATTOO REMOVAL WORK IS DONE BY THE BODY.  Lasers make the ink smaller so its easier for the body to remove, but the body has to remove the ink.

We became licensed practitioners of the B.L.A.S.T. Faster Tattoo Removal Protocol.  Lets call it BLAST for short. The BLAST protocol does for the body what the laser does for the tattoo!!!. It makes the body better able to remove the ink!

How can the body better remove the ink that was lasered?By improving the functioning of various systems. The body is connected, so small improvements in many areas add up to a lot of improvement. BLAST  Protocol is designed around evidence based medicine.

What kind of medicine, you should ask? BLAST uses the best from many different types of integrative or alternative medicine. Its goal is to improve bodily functioning so the body will be able to remove the tattoo ink faster. BLAST focuses on elimination (think remove the ink), defense or protection (think immune system and antioxidants) and repair (think healing the skin). Inflammation reduction and blood and lymph cleansing are included too.

The major tool of the BLAST faster tattoo removal protocol is founded upon is NUTRITION, but it also incorporated other effective modalities.

If the body needs 7 nutrients for a process to occur and one nutrient is missing then the process may grind to a halt or its result may be flawed. Thats why the body functions so much better with a wide variety of minerals and nutrients. Science and medicine have not found everything about food that we need for optimum health.

Just because it is not visible does not mean it can not harm or help you! . Not only physical aspects affect us, but mental, emotional, social and belief/ religious systems also affect us and our health. BLAST uses what works.BLAST is really an educational system teaching you how to take better care of your body!

Some of the proven methods are not well known. Why? Because America is based on the power of Pharmaceutical lobby (prescription drugs, teaching doctors to manages symptoms of diseases using prescription drugs only, restricting healing to those in the club).

Only a doctor can diagnose treat cure or prevent a disease by law. So the “system” keeps tight control” and prevents non drug based methods that hurt their bottom line profits. It a natural nutrient can prevent a disease (and many can, do, and lack of nutrients causes many diseases well known and not so well known) a claim can not be made or else the FDA will ask for studies showing proof or take the item off the over the counter market and call it a drug – needing a prescription.

Only a doctor can prescribe. They keep doctors in line too. If a doctor does something not approved as “usual and customary”, the doctor may be disciplined or lose their license, even if it works and was published to work.

There really is no medical freedom left in America. Thats a different post. Did you know you are not allowed to pay for and get your own results from your own bodily fluids from a lab. Even if you pay cash. You need a doctors permission for the lab to analyze your bodily fluid, and only the doctor is allowed to get the results by law! So well meaning doctors who want to help people get well or stay well and be disease free, are swimming  against the tide of the allopathic (regular) system of medicine.

What is a typical reaction of a person who chooses the BLAST Faster Tattoo Removal?.
People usually say “wow I learned so much”., “I did not expect to learn so much”, I did not realize there was such a big difference (nutritionally) between ____ and ____.” People also learn things they can do while they are sleeping to improve their body and health.

BLAST Faster Tattoo Removal Protocol is a system of educating each person how they can alter their pattern of eating to increase the nutritional choices and improve health fade tattoos faster. The focus is on the speeding of tattoo removal but has many other positive side affects to many aspects of health.

BLAST is the absolute safest way to speed tattoo removal.

Michael Hizme is a health coach, having received the honorable suggestion that a protocol be published in a medical journal to benefit millions of people (serious heart disease was greatly reversed and quality of life greatly improved) . He is also a member of American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, certified in Laser Tattoo Removal, Laser hair removal, Laser Safety Officer, etc.

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