What to Expect After Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

Expect either the skin to get red or frosted. The frosting, turning white can go away in one second or an hour. It is usually raised.

Different areas frost and some dont. The one that don’t look like they were missed with the laser, but sometimes some individual spots don’t frost.

It takes 2 or three treatments before there is a visible reduction in the tattoo ink especially with dense ink. So don’t say its not working, the next day. Studies show that there is no benefit to laser tattoo removal treatments more frequently than every 8 weeks.  My opinion is slightly different. If someone is optimizing their immune function (Like the B.L.A.S.T. FASTER TATTOO REMOVAL PROTOCOL) then their body should be removing the ink faster, so they may be able to benefit from a more frequent and (shorter time between) laser treatments. This assumes their skin heals fast. Some aspects of the BLAST protocol can help that too. Otherwise its best to allow 8 or more weeks between treatments.

If you wait longer, your body will continue to remove the ink and that means you will pay for less laser treatments. There has been no study to find the ideal amount of time to wait.  We has a patient who said its been 12 years and it is still getting lighter.

Blistering is not and should not be the normal mode of treatment!!!! It is sometimes, but not always, due to too high a laser setting. Do not say I did not blister are you sure its working. We hear this all the time. Yes its working and working properly and safely.

It is possible to blister and be treated safely. Less blistering means less chances of complications and easier caring for your skin. If you do get a blister DO NOT POP A BLISTER.

Ice on and off as needed after laser treatments. Sometimes this is needed for a few hours or longer. Many times an hour or two later people say I don’t feel anything (bad). I say that good. I like when people tell me they don’t suffer pain afterwards.

Drink lots of water all day and you help the removal process.  Do not use or take things which cause sensitivity to the sun because laser treatments are similar to getting a sunburn. This includes some foods and herbs, look them upon the internet.  Some people get a bad burn from the sun when eating these foods before going to the beach.

We use the best medical lasers (Italian) for tattoo removal made and maintained by the worlds largest laser manufacturer. It causes less blistering.

If you want blistering, please see a dr who like to cause blisters because we dont. Even if you want to pay us to cause blisters, we don’t operate that way. Rest assured you can remove your tattoos safely without blisters.


Sometimes people get scarring. We recommend certain supplements that are designed to reduce scarring and even known to reverse some scarring over time.  I take it myself, because it works better than any of the other things i’ve tried to control inflammation. I have tried many.


Treat your skin gently for a few days to a week afterwards. Dont shave also.

For a few days don’t add heat to your body to allow the laser heat to escape. No heavy exercise or anything that will increase your core body temperature. Warm water in a shower is ok if it does not hurt. Treat it like a sunburn.

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