Keloids and Tattoo Removal

Keloids are a defect in the body’s repair mechanism where basically the body does not stop the repair at the proper time and results in raised tissue.

People who have one or more keloids are more likely to have complications with any kind of healing. Laser tattoo removal manufacturers don’t want unhappy clients suing them so they discourage treating people with keloids.

It appears that Keloids can successfully be prevented and even reversed. Nutrition is the first prong and supplements the second.

The Keloid Protocol seeks to moderate how the body responds by making dietary changes supportive of lessened inflammatory resonse. Just as certain foods can be harmful they and and supplements can be effective.

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Some things have a track record of softening or removing or reducing keloids. Clear Skin Lase Tattoo Removal is our goal.

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Why suffer with Keloids if you may be able to help them?

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