Falling Asleep During Laser Tattoo Removal- Is it Possible?

Yes it is possible to fall asleep during laser tattoo removal.

Tattoo Removal Pain

Everyone know Tattoo Removal is a painful process, or can be. Mike is consistently doing medical research seeking to reduce the pain and improve the body’s immune system to remove the tattoo ink ( treated with a laser) faster and the body in general.

Tattoo Removal Pain Reduction Methods

Recently we combined a few pain red

uction techniques together seeking a further reduction in pain during tattoo removal.

The first time our patient had cold air from our New Zimm

er Chiller before and during laser tattoo removal treatment.  This week he came for a second treatment and wanted more pain reduction assistance. We added two more techniques to reduce his pain besides the cool air to all of his tattoos.He received three methods of pain reduction. His pain level was lower than before.

Tattoo Removal Research- Consult with Worlds Greatest Doctor

In Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal Inc attempt to be the best at tattoo removal we invested a sizable sum consulting the worlds greatest doctor to learn, purchase and use the tools he advised to help the tattoo removal process.

Tattoo Removal with Picosecond Laser

Good medical research requires testing. So before treating his last tattoo with our Italian 6000 picsecond tattoo removal q-switched laser, we added the world’s greatest doctors method to the other 3 methods to reduce the pain of tattoo Removal.

Patient Fell Asleep During Laser Tattoo Removal of Tattoo on Arm

What was the result on this one person on the last tattoo treated?  I said “you can get up now.”. He said “I fell asleep. I did not feel anything”.  He was lying face down. The laser tattoo removal process was for a tattoo on the back of his upper arm. It was the first treatment there.

Laser Tattoo Removal Setting Higher Than Normal Starting Point

He was in a big hurry, we treated his other tattoos once before, he asked us to make the laser stronger and said he was ok with blistering, if it would happen. Therefore we raised the laser a safe amount more than would be the normal starting point for his skin. That is another reason why not feeling any pain and falling asleep is even more unusual.

I certify the above actually happened, Mike Hizme, CLTRS, LSO, CLHR, member ASLMS., B.L.A.S.T practiotioner (education on immune system enhancement of tattoo clearance) and Health Coach.

It took a few days for the realization that this result of PAIN FREE TATTOO REMOVAL and SLEEPING is possible. Everyone’s results may vary. Combining multiple methods adds time and cost to the treatments.

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