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Learn how your tattoo can be faded or removed. Or only parts you don’t want anymore. If you want a coverup tattoo lightening it first gives better results and can be smaller,

You owe it to yourself to explore your options. Make an appointment while its Free.

Does it hurt, options to reduce the pain, how long is it between sessions, can all colors be removed from my skin? What can i expect after a treatment?  Can i shower? Can I get it wet?  How do I need to care for it? And any question you can think of will be answered.
646 572 6392 We make appointments from 9 am to 11 pm Monday to Thursday and other hours Fri, Sat, Sunday.

We Specialize in Tattoo Removal using the safest lasers.  Mike is a health coach teaching people how herbs and nutrition can improve your health and speed tattoo removal.  Our Medical Director does everything else cosmetic. We are located in Sheepshead Bay Cosmetic Laser Center.

About Mike

Natural Medicine started in 1990's. Health and Wellness - what causes disease and how to fix. Laser Tattoo Removal since 2014. Pain Management since 2016