EyeBrow and Lip Tattoo Removal

Removing Tattoos from the sensitive areas  lips and eyebrows) requires more care and skill.

Permanent makeup tattoos sometimes have metal particles which can darken if lasered, so its best to do a test spot first (in an inconspicuous area) if possible.

Since lasers are dangerous to the eyes, special metal goggles must be worn and proper precautions taken.

Be sure that your laser technician feels comfortable treating you. If there are any concerns ask questions.


As always, keep out of UV rays (tanning parlors) and the sun or use spf 50+ before and during your tattoo removal treatment.

The good news is that permanent makeup often fades much faster than tattoos on other areas of the body. So that means you will need less treatments.  Do what you can to support your immune system because it does the bulk of the removal.



There are many complementary protocols available, and therapies to speed tattoo removal. We offer classes and time on our machines to speed removal at nominal costs.



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