Nutritional Insights From A Tattoo Removal Consultation

How can a person learn about a nutritional defficiency from a Tattoo Removal consultation?

Most people learn a lot when they get a tattoo removal consultation from Mike at Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal Inc. . Sometimes much more than how the tattoo removal process, what to do before and after each treatment and how the process works.
Mike Hizme (is a CLTR, LSO,CLHR, etc) liked this new potential member*  and decided to give him some free additional information about what his body was lacking, while doing an initial consultation for tattoo removal.
He looked at the hands and fingers and saw a clue. Mike said your hands indicate a probable deficiency of Zinc or Calcium. It looks like a mild defficiency.

The person said that is very interesting. A few months ago I stopped taking zinc supplements because I ran out.

So you can learn a lot more about your body and what it needs for better health from Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal Inc. The more you learn the faster you can improve your removal.

Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal is the only one in NY licensed to use the B.L.A.S.T.  Protocol which teaches the many factors that you can implement to aid the body in removing Lasered Tattoo Ink faster. They have the beneficial side effects of a better functioning body in many areas not just the immune system.

Remember the body removes the ink not just the laser.

About Mike

Natural Medicine started in 1990's. Health and Wellness - what causes disease and how to fix. Laser Tattoo Removal since 2014. Pain Management since 2016