Dr’s Natural Cure for Elevated Liver Enzymes in Hepatitis B

An attorney was very happy to learn a mushroom normalized the liver enzymes in only three months. His liver enzymes were elevated his whole life and no doctor was able to help him get them back to normal. He had not spoken to Mike in years (about this issue) so he was very happy that Mike thought of him. .

The attorney repeatedly consults Mike Hizme for health issues to learn holistic and natural food information (medicinal herbs, vitamins, nutrition) to address health issues for himself and his family. The attorney said Mikes strengths are the ability to simplify complex medical issues and make it easy to understand.

Feel Better and Live Longer is the Goal

Mike frequently is researching and reviewing medical research and books for “evidence of efficacy” on natural substances that improve health and help the body to work better and live longer. (better health and less disease).

In one of the hundreds of books in his library, Mike found a study that cured ” elevated liver enzymes and elevated bilirubin in hepatitis B patients”.  Elevated readings were significantly lowered in one month and all values normalized in three months.  The liver is the major organ of detoxification. When liver enzymes are elevated it is not a good sign.

The attorney has consulted Mike for information on nursing home care for the elderly, optimal vitamin D levels versus flu virus shots, how to raise energy levels to need less sleep, and a few other issues for himself and loved ones. When taking advantage of Mikes suggested nutritional supplement the attorney had more energy and was able to sleep 1 to 2 hours less each day.

When you become a Diamond Member or Gold Member of Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal  Inc. you get to consult with Mike.

Mike works with patients and their doctors to give people the information from evidence based studies on nutrients, foods, herbs, chemicals, sweeteners, and lifestyle practices which can benefit their specific concern.

The Attorney was amazed when Mike relayed how much time he spent researching Medical studies for evidence on nutritional and herbal factors increasing those specific components of the immune system to speed up tattoo ink removal.   You can benefit too,  Our Medical advisory board pharmacist said people will have the beneficial “side effects” of improved organ function besides faster tattoo removal.

About Mike

Natural Medicine started in 1990's. Health and Wellness - what causes disease and how to fix. Laser Tattoo Removal since 2014. Pain Management since 2016