2 Days – My Black Ink is Starting to Fade Completely in Some Spots

I’m totally shocked. Thats what a new tattoo removal patient texted 2 days after her first treatment at Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal Inc. She was told 12 to 15 treatments on average more or less. We “like to under-promise and over deliver” she was told.

Summary of One Person’s Tattoo Removal Experience. First 2 days.

4 days before beginning Tattoo Removal treatments She came for a free consult and began taking recommended supplement to help tattoo removal.

4 days later she begins tattoo removal, her first treatment.
Pain on a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the worst we asked, what did you feel during the removal. She said a 1 or 2. Thats very little pain during removal, a goal we strive for. She did not use any numbing cream.

Next day we checked on her progress.
We asked “How was tattoo? Did you ice it yesterday”?
She answered, Thanks for checking in, said ” no (ice)I didn’t. Almost forgot I did the procedure. Skin feels comfortable. I’m wondering if I’ll see any improvement whatsoever.”

She has No blistering (many people treated elsewhere do have blistering).

Second (next) Day Same Patient texts
” My black ink is starting to fade completely in some spots. I’m totally shocked.” “I think 4 more treatments and it’ll all be gone”
” No pain, no blister”

Remember each persons immune system is different. She has a healthy diet,takes supplements and lots of water. We educate people and give them choices. the more things you do to help your body the better and faster your results may be.

Our Goal Is Tattoo Removal without a ghost image (thats a white of lighter colored skin where the tattoo used to be), without blisters, with easy aftercare, and as pleasant an experience as possible. We like to minimize the pain levels during and after treatments. We like to practice safety which sometimes requires patience. Remember tattoos were made to be permanent. Is it worth a little patience for a better experience/outcome with reduced risks?

When we say patience we want you to come less frequently for laser treatments and allow your body to remove more of the ink before your next treatment. We encourage people to come frequently to use our equipment that enhance tattoo removal.


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