Lip Tattoo Removal – Less Pain

Tattoos can be removed from the lips. The lips are very sensitive. We recently treated a lip tattoo which was treated previously treated elsewhere at two different places. He said our treatment was so much less painful.  He reported a pain level of only 3 on a scale of 1 to 10.  He was very happy with the reduced pain level and less inflammation.

We used advanced numbing techniques to reduce his pain.


Better Results

He also said he noticed it getting lighter almost immediately.

We always advise patience, give it time and multiple treatments. Don’t expect immediate results.  We believe in under-promising and over-delivering.    We say allow 8 weeks or more between treatments generally. He asked us before beginnning “Why does the other place say wait 2 weeks and you say wait 8 weeks”.

More time = less treatments, lower cost, less pain, less risk of complications, more safety, less risk of hyper- pigmentation, less risk of hypo-pigmentation, less risk of scarring, more complete healing between treatments and more affordable.

The safest way to speed up tattoo removal is to enhance the functioning of the body. We can teach you how to feel better, have more energy too.

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