Sun and Tattoo Removal- What You Need to Know

Everyone likes the sun at the beach.  Sun on tattooed skin is a bad policy. If you want to keep your tattoo looking good, tattoo artists tell you to use a high SPF sunscreen if tattoos will be exposed to the sun.

If you want to remove your tattoos or lighten them for a new one it is best to keep the tattoo out of the sun for a month or more before your anticipated tattoo removal treatment. Why? Thats a good question. The skin gets darker from the sun as a self protective mechanism. When the skin gets darker (a tan) its ability to heal/ (repair itself) is diminished so you would not want to treat tanned skin with a tattoo removal laser (increased risks).

Tanned skin has a higher risk of pigmentation changes. So if you can’t keep your tattoo out of the sun at least use a high sunscreen or sunblock with an spf of 50+ or more. ( higher numbers offer more protection).

Its also good to keep the tattoo out of the sun for 2 to three months after treatment (this means during the whole removal process, from start to finish), Some people take a break from the removal process during the summer. They get their last tattoo removal treatment in April. They use sunscreen the whole time or at least begin using it August 1  frequently reapplying it so that they can begin tattoo removal treatments around middle of September instead of the end of October.

Some people will try to get a tattoo removal treatment while having a tan. The laser operator should inform you that they will have to lower the energy settings and this would not be a wise use of your money (and not the safest).

The best (or fastest) results from laser tattoo treatments are on light skin and dark ink. The greater the difference the more energy is absorbed by the darker ink and less absorbed by the lighter skin color. Thats why its not safe for people with dark skin to (get and later) try to remove a tattoo with lighter colors. Daerk skin stick to black (second choice very dark blue) ink. Its the safest tattoo ink color to remove on dark (or all) skin colors.

Dont get white ink.

Mike Hizme, Laser safety officer, Certified in Laser Tattoo Removal, Certified in Laser Hair removal, Member ASLMS American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, Licensed BLAST Practitioner, Health Coach and  teacher of natural medicine.  Favorite sayings your upper and lower lips are the guardian angels of your health.

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