Dark Skin Green and Red Ink Fading After One Treatment.

Darker Skin is not treated with lasers that are known to be effective at removing red ink  with (our 532nm laser) or green ink ( our 694nm laser) very even output Italian made lasers.  We use 1064nm on darker skin because it is the safest.

Today one person with Asian and African American genes reported after her first laser treatment that some of her green ink and  red ink has faded after only one treatment with our 6000 picosecond 1064nm  laser for her black ink. She did not want scarring, blisters or a ghost image left after her tattoo removal treatments are completed.

She also reported seeing black ink fading on the second day after her very first treatment. She was so impressed with our gentle laser treatment that the day afterwards she said ” I almost forgot I had the procedure done”. She was advised how to help her ink come off faster by improving her lymphatic and blood flow systems and began taking supplements a few days before beginning the process. Thats what the pharmacist and nutritionist on our advisory board recommended (4 weeks before is best).

We explained that sometimes 1064nm is effective at helping the body to remove other colors of ink but is not generally used for that purpose.  Since she had all three colors we treated her with the 1064nm laser only.

How can it help remove other colors. It may function by causing cellular debris which activate macrophages to begin the clean up of damaged cells in the area.  Perhaps the gentle use of our laser at a deeper level is what did the trick.

So if any people with natural pigment in their skin have been refused treatment of their green and red ink for laser safety reasons you now have another option available which is safe. Our 1064nm  6000 picosecond laser is safe for all skin tones.

No blistering is needed for tattoo removal to be effective. Each persons immune system is different. These results do not guarantee you will have the same results. We generally recommend to give in 2 or 3 treatments before you expect to be able to see a change in your tattoo ink.  Remember there are layers of ink which your body has to remove before the changes become visible. Think like an onion has layers. Patience with less risks and lower costs.


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