How To Prevent Tattoo Removal Scarring- from Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments and Why Does It Happen?

We had a new potential patient come for a consult who had white scar tissue in part of the tattoo today. He had 4 prior treatments at a competitor claiming to give the best laser treatments,

The white scarring reminded us of another patient who also had white scarring and was previously treated by the same competitor.  What is the common denominator? The competitor told them to come back in 4 Weeks.4 weeks is not enough time for full healing on most lasers. (one Dr. said our laser has such a safe even output without hot spots that people can be treated again after 3 weeks- but we still like to wait 8 weeks or longer)

So my dear friends, we ask people to wait 8 weeks or longer between laser treatments for your best skin and to reduce risks. The person was only 17 years of age. Why should he have scars. Was it because they charged less? No we charged about half of what he paid before.

Please allow enough time in between laser sessions for full healing. More time is always better than less. Laser practitioners sometimes tell people to come in sooner for their financial interests and to keep patients happy. Of Course people want to get rid of their tattoo faster.  Take our herbal and nutritional educational classes to speed the removal safely.



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