I Don’t See Tattoo Fading. Is It Working?

Yes Its working.

Q. Why don’t I see any change?

A. Tattoo Ink is many lasers deep. Some layers absorb the lasers energy and are fractured into tiny pieces with our 6000 Picosecond Laser.. If too much energy is used too much heat is absorbed and may cause blistering and more epidermal damage, Enough but not too much is the safer method with the best results. Too short a time between sessions tends to cause scar tissue (often a lighter or darker color that may or may not go away). We saw 2 people recently with the same white scarring treated at the same “Medical Spa”. The place waits 4 weeks between treatments. We have seen scarring after one pico treatment by a place in Manhattan (so interval between treatments was not the issue). Enough but not too much energy is the answer.

Some people are used to looking at their tattoo every day and don’t notice day to day changes. When they come back for another treatment i can see the tattoo is lighter.

One person did not see the change when he came back after his second time. But i did and showed him pictures. Two days after the third treatment (his ink was light enough that) he reported seeing it get lighter and apologized for doubting the process. We see this often. The thicker the depth and density of the ink the more the body must remove before change becomes visible.

It is a process. Safety demands care and patience. A professional will not just “crank up the power” . Lasers are safe when used safely.

We completed advanced tattoo removal training and are offering it as an option.We require 10 weeks between treatments instead of the usual 8 weeks. Again the biggest mistake most people make is focusing on the laser and ignoring what they can do to enhance the body’s removal of the lasered ink.



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