Tattoo Removal Laser Maintenance by Manufacturer

Today We had a scheduled factory service on our 2 picosecond and 1 nanosecond Italian made lasers.

Turns out there were two feathers inside. As if from a down coat. Our lasers are tuned up and spot on. Ready for your tattoo ink. Now that we recently completed an advanced tattoo removal seminar our laser can remove your tattoos faster. During the factory maintenance we took the opportunity to ask more technical questions of the technician. He recently was in Italy getting his periodic training updates.

Now you can have your tattoos come off faster.

We use these three laser wavelengths




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Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal

Q or B trains to Sheepshead Bay station. We are around the corner on East 16 Street near ave Z.

2615 East 16 St ste 301, Brooklyn NY 11235

Walk up 2 flights of stairs and text us when you arrive.

By Appointment only!  Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 11 pm. Fri Sat Sunday less hours..

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