Tattoo Removal at 6 A.M. -That’s Service Plus!

Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal opened at 6 a.m.( in the morning) to perform Laser Tattoo Removal for a busy patient.  It was the only time she had available.

Despite offering appointments 7 days a week many days from 9 am to 11pm she could not find time in her busy schedule.  We always try to give the best service possible. Perhaps thats’ how we earned our 5 star ratings. Where else can you find this level of service, with a smile?

Along with our superior initial 45 minute consultation (that fully explains what to expect, how to prepare for tattoo removal for better results, how to minimize pain,) we offer optimum methods to (fade or) remove your tattoo ink.

(More in another blog).

We are constantly adding to our offerings, attending advanced seminars, performing medical research in the field of tattoo removal, immune system enhancement, pain reduction, etc. So if you want to start fading your tattoo. contact us today while same day appointments are still being made.

About Mike

Natural Medicine started in 1990's. Health and Wellness - what causes disease and how to fix. Laser Tattoo Removal since 2014. Pain Management since 2016