Tattoo Removal Pain – It Can Be Reduced

There are multiple methods of reducing pain of laser tattoo removal treatments.

Women avoid treatments during the first week of your cycle.

Drink extra water beginning a few hours before your treatment.

Certain Homeopathics are possible. We used them successfully for 2 hours of oral surgery.

Adequate Sleep the night before.

Diet affects pain perception especially if low in certain nutrients. It too complex and detailed to go into here.

Laser with a square output  well maintained and used with appropriate power levels.

The lower laser power. There is a wide range of effective laser power . Less will cause less pain and have less tissue damage and less risk of hypo/hyper pigmentation and skin textural changes. Less power needs less time for full healing and may eliminate ghost images afterwards.

Relaxation during treatment causes less pain and tensing causes more pain.

Being able to stop the treatments helps.

Holding the Zimmer chiller (cold air) during treatment helps too.

Numbing cream helps. It has been said  that it reduces effectiveness. Picture of woman with tattoo on back of neck had numbing cream on her second and third treatment and had excellent results. She also had a norman laser power levels used generating a light frost. With more power the frost gets denser, More power starts to blister.

There are a few more techniques that we can use.

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