R20 Fast Tattoo Removal Method – Tested v. Control

An article in American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS) October 2015 was promoting R20 and a chemical patch to remove the frosting so that additional laser passes can be completed faster during one treatment session. Typical is 3 or 4 passes. The goal was to reduce time between passses. The article used different […]

Tattoo Removal (DIY) Do It Yourself Warning – The Doctors TV

Considering removing your tattoo with a do it yourself kit. The doctors tv shows you what can happen in this segment. We have people coming in with different bad skin from doing it themselves with a knif, fire, acid, and tattoo artist machine with a secret solution (2 different people showed us). SHORT ON CASH? […]

What to do – Before Tattoo Removal

Before tattoo removal – 2 to 4 weeks before begin clearing organs of elimination and improving your diet and drinking more water. We have one supplement that should be started as recommended by the pharmacist/nutritionist on our medical advisory board, OPTIONAL (2 weeks before – For advanced pain reduction stop drinking coffee and see us […]