What to do – Before Tattoo Removal

Before tattoo removal –

2 to 4 weeks before begin clearing organs of elimination and improving your diet and drinking more water. We have one supplement that should be started as recommended by the pharmacist/nutritionist on our medical advisory board,

OPTIONAL (2 weeks before – For advanced pain reduction stop drinking coffee and see us a few days before treatment for  supplies and protocol,)

Day before – shave area gently if there is any hair in the area and 1/4 inch around.

Day of treatment – Drinking lots of water a few hours before will reduce the pain levels and assist removal.Don’t put creams or lotions on the area to be treated unless you are sure they will be completely gone before treatment.


Of course you dont want to have a cold, a tan or recent sun exposure in area being treated and your skin is whole and intact. Why?  Damaged skin has a lesser ability to heal.  Smokers have a reduced ability to heal their skin and remove the ink, so they should consider waiting longer between treatments.


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