Hate Parts Of Your Tattoo? Remove Those Parts.

Remove only parts of your tattoo you don’t like. Why have to loook at parts you dont love?

You can also lighten those parts and change them or do a smaller coverup. We can refer you to a tattoo artist.

We only do tattoo removal using the best lasers in a medical office.

We can help you “lose” or “lighten” them. This is a good solution is there were mistakes made or the tattoo did not come out like you expected.

If you only want it lightened then your tattoo artist will be able to do a better job in the area.

This is an example of how close we have been able to work!!!
Rifles and one letter are being removed. See how the letter “L” is almost touching the Rifle and we did not laser it.


Not every design is amenable to such precision work. It also depends on your goals.

We use 3 different “actual” lasers to be able to treat all colors. Our Lasers have the flattest most even laser output on the market that we found. Whats the difference, you ask?  More even energy on the skin results in less risk of blistering with the possibility of higher energy delivery. (Some people came to us when their dermatologist said his laser ran out of energy to treat their tattoos).   We are continually searching the market for the newest /best lasers and continuing our medical laser education.  Our Medical Director is in house. Dr T has performed cosmetic laser procedures for over 10 years and is handy to consult with. He has many lasers except tattoo removal lasers. So come to a tattoo removal specialist in a medical office for the best.  While Mike Hizme only performs Tattoo Removal with lasers he is a licensed BLAST Practitioner (BLAST teaches holistic natural and other methods designed to improve the body’s ability to remove the lasered ink faster) and health teacher and coach.

Safe tattoo removal is a process of multiple treatments over time. Longer time between treatments is safest for your skin and costs less by allowing your body to remove more ink. We can also provide BLAST classes to teach you what you can do to speed your ink removal. Herbs, foods, lifestyle, sleep, nutrition and other factors help and hurt the speed of removal.

Note laser tattoo removal done elsewhere at 2 and 4 weeks apart is done for the sake of profit (their profit) not your best skin results. We have seen people scarring 100% of the time from places using C6 and waiting 4 weeks. When they use C6 wait 8 weeks we only see 33% scarring. Our lasers are much better and safer than the C6.

We work for you and can treat you for best results or for fastest results. Its up to you!

Come in for a consult and individualized treatment plan.
Appointments made 7 days. Patients from 16 to 75 years of age. We have 5 or 6 different methods of reducing pain available!

Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal 1 block from Q and B trains at Sheepshead Bay station, municiplal parking behind our building. We see people till late when many or all parking meters are free (Sundays too). 646 572 6392

You have nothing to lose but the ink you no longer want. Let us be your partners in success.

About Mike

Natural Medicine started in 1990's. Health and Wellness - what causes disease and how to fix. Laser Tattoo Removal since 2014. Pain Management since 2016