FDA Approves another picosecond laser

September 16 2015 the FDA approved a new pico speed laser that offers 4 wavelengths.

We are evaluating all the newest lasers. They claim to do a faster job at a higher price.

The benefits we have seen are removal of yellow better, and near the end of treatment when there is only a little ink left possibly better. But treatments cost more. We would only get one that is safe for all colors of skin. The first one advertised the most often, now admits it is not safe for darker skin (or people using it say that).

We saw one patient with scar tissue after one pico treatment with a 755nm wavelength who had very light skin. We want best results that ARE SAFEST.

We will update you after our search and evaluation is done.

We are evaluating the fastest pico lasers with the idea of, if faster is better the we want the fastest. The right application is more important.
One laser company (that makes a pico/nano second hybrid laser) says nanosecond treatments are more effective for the first few treatments, later use their pico speed lasers settings.

Wavelength selection is an important factor in success.

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