Scars from Tattoo Removal- How to Avoid Them

Scars may be caused by, laser beam shape, too much laser energy, not enough time to heal, aftercare, sun/uv exposure, laser wavelength, body’s  reaction (which is influenced by nutrition & sensitivities), immune system status and circulation. Scars may be caused during tattooing and only become visible after ink is removed – (from too much focus in one area or needles too deep) but are usually not very noticable.

What are scars? Lighter or darker skin that feels thicker, may be lumpy and can usually be felt as it is not on the top layer. Often we see people with loss of normal skin color, or albino colored (white). We have products that aim to reduce scar tissue naturally over time. Then there are also lasers designed to remove some of the scarred tissue with each treatment by removing about 6 to 9 % of the area (with rapid healing). But it is very expensive.

African Americans, Latinos, Asians, and Caucasians have all come into us with scars from laser tattoo removal DONE AT OTHER PLACES.   Not all laser tattoo removal facilities and operators are trained equally. ASK WHERE THEY WERE TRAINED and if they are insured and how often they treat a tattoo?  We see people coming in with scars treated at “Spas” tattoo removal centers – usually with multiple locations, doctors and dermatologists.  Use this info to help choose wisely.

Recently a person treated in Florida where only doctors operate lasers. This Dr advertises the importance of choosing a place for treatment and advertises no burning or scarring.  Well the woman has African American Skin and did not read our article “What You need to know before choosing colors of ink for your tattoo” and chose red green and black. Green and Red inks are best avoided in skin of color because the lasers effective for those ink colors competes with the ink for absorption of the laser energy.

National laser institute teaches safety first and the importance of a thorough laser biophysics understanding.  We continue with upgrading our medical knowledge and frequent updates of the latest in the industry.

Unfortunately, some praticitioners dont take the time for thorough training and instead rely on the one day training that they get when purchasing a laser.  Our Malpractice Liability Insurance Company requires an extensive training.

Different laser wavelengths target different chromophores (competing laser targets: Ink, water, hemoglobin, melanin) and have different statistics of “side effects”. Balancing which laser to use is the first step. Sometimes more than one choice will be effective on the same color of ink.  For certain Skin tones some lasers are generally not recommended.

While there are some instances where the “not recommended” lasers benefits outweigh the risks. This is where the patients mental competancy and ability to understand are important. The patient obviously was not  fully informed that removing her red and green ink would probably cause loss of skin pigmentatrion which may be permanent. The pigmentation loss was irregular. We turn people away.  In limited instances where the risk seems minimized and for good reason we may treat such people.  Ie. army wont allow person with tattoo on arm.[ UPDATE: A European expert taught us his special protocol for treating ink colors on skin with pigment – with specific settings to use on our lasers. There is more risk and much more care needs to be exercised. Yes we are careful and respect the power of lasers. We think every laser operator should also go through laser safety officer training.]

Quality of Laser output. Our Italian lasers are the best in the world! with very even output and reduced risks of hot spots/blistering. The Manufacturer states in writing their / our laser output has no hotspots.

Waiting time between treatments.  We like to generally wait 8 to 10 weeks or more depending on many factors. The patient scarred with loss of pigment areas said she had 5 tattoo removal treatments 6 weeks apart (by Dr in Florida) and the facility advertised picosure, revlite and medlite tattoo removal lasers.  We have seen scarring after 1, 4, 7, treatments on people who said their tattoos were treated by such lasers.  Usually we hear 4 weeks waiting between treatments (and see almost all scarred) 6 weeks in this case and scarred (about 25%to 40% of people treated by Medlite where the dermatologist waits 8 weeks do we see scarring).

Sometimes injections of lidocaine cause scarring if too close to tattoo area. Other times scarring happenedwhen the tattoo artist put the ink in but the ink hid the scarring, so when the ink is all gone it is visible.

Scarring can happen because enough time was not allowed for complete healing or after care instructions were not followed. When Bistering occurs aftercare is much more important to avoid scarring. Unfourtunately some places instruct patients improperly in their aftercare instructions (and we have seen one patient with scarring after 1 treatment by the most advertised laser claiming to be 100x faster -its not. If it was all tattoos would be removed with one treatment).

There are some foods herbs and nutritional substances that help healing and aim to reduce scar tissue. We also learned equipment that has anecdotally speeded up healing and would closure dramatically. We use such equipment. No claims are being made and the FDA has not evaluated such statements.

If you are told to wait more time between treatments listen to the advice. If you are in a hurry ask “is there anything I can do to speed my healing so I can come in sooner or my tattoo removal go faster?”

Mike Hizme has helped dramatically change the disease/health status in the very ill as a health coach working with doctors and patients. “almost miraculous” :”improvement beyond my wildest imagination” “not thought possible” were some of the comments of the improvements.  Mike Hizme,  LSO, CLHR, CLTR , B.L.A.S.T. licensed practitioner member ASLMS and Independently trained multiple times and insured. When Mikes favorite complementary M.D. retired his wife gave Mike 3 boxes full of his medical books. First person called and said I was diagnosed with cataracts and dont want to have an operation is there anything that may help – mike copied info from one of those books from an eye specialist and mailed it free of charge to that person.  Mike has donated his time to help people.. He was a PRO BONO GAL with The Bar association of The City of NY and fought to preserve peoples rights to stay in their homes and not be evicted. In one case the landlord was so impressed that he asked Mike to get involved a year later. Mike has worked with patients and doctors to improve patient outcomes and educated doctors to broaden their expertise and improve future patient outcomes.

People travel from Manhattan, NJ, CT, Bronx, Queens, LI, Staten Island to be treated at Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal. Our flexible appointment times and days help make the commute easier..

Nutritional deficits impair the body’s repair processes. There are many things to help..

So choose wisely where to get a tattoo removed. Listen to their instructions and advice. Its best to stay with the same practitioner and same laser operator and not jump from place to place.. Discuss your goals of what kind of skin you would like to have afterwards, level of aftercare you would like to need after each treatment (from almost none to changing dressings 1 or more times a day)  whether you wish to blister (using more power to break up more layers of ink) or not.

HOW CAN I TELL IF THE PLACE IS LOOKING OUT FOR MY BEST INTERESTS?  In general if they tell you to wait longer between treatments. If they take the time to educate you. IF they are honest with you.

WHY DO SOME PLACES SAY 1 to 6 treatments and others say 12 to 15 TREATMENTS on average? good question see our future posts.



Hope this gives you some insight to avoiding scarring. Our MD Dr T at our same location, has lasers that reduce scarring. We are available at 646 572 6392 Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal .com



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