Bad Tattoo Removal Experience – True Story- What A Good Experience Should Be!

Bad Tattoo Removal Experience – True Story + Right Way

Mary (name changed) called us today about tattoo removal. I was moved by the emotional pain I felt in her voice. Here is her story  – at each mistake we will put a number and attach notes at the bottom of the article.

Mary contacted a dermatologist doing tattoo removal for years. She said effectiveness was her major concern not the price and wanted it done professionally.

The doctor hardly explained anything (1) and said are you ready to begin now, She said yes. (2).

When she put on the safety glasses the string ripped off and he said “don’t worry about it, happens all the time,” and took the longest time tying the flimsy string back together.(3)

The doctor said he wanted to see how much pain she could tolerate(4) before using numbing cream.(5a) None was used.

When she was in excruciating pain he did not bother to ask if she needed a chance to rest. (5b)  Afterwards she asked if he would cover it or put anything on it, (6) at the very least a band-aid. (7)The doctor refused but said “I could give you a cream though if you want.” (8) The doctor advised waiting 4 weeks between treatments (9). His machine looked very old (10) and Mary blistered the next day.(11)

I was so moved (12) I got even more curious and called Mary back to ask “How long did the doctor use ice and or cold air before beginning the laser treatment?” Mary said “no ice, no cold air” (13). My only response was “OBSCENE”. (14) Mary set up an appointment for a consultation. (15) We told Mary we would not treat her that day but wanted her to come in to get a proper consultation and wait for the right time to begin treatment. (16)


*1 At Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal Inc. We talk too much and explain so much before anything takes place because we want people to have the knowledge to make an informed decision and understand the process fully. This often takes an hour.

*2 Sun and UV light exposure is a consideration before and after Laser treatments. It must be part of consult,

*3 Laser safety glasses should be in good working order not popping apart. This is a lack of professionalism/common sense.

*4 Sounds a little like a sadist to me. We seek to minimize pain and use 5 or 6 methods at our disposal.

*5a. First we do one or more test spots with varying intensities to seek the appropriate energy/effectiveness as appropriate to the patient and their desired goals. . People are told the pros and cons of stopping or not and given the optimal choice.  Note we use many methods to reduce the pain so this becomes much less of a concern. Also different lasers feel different.

*5b. Pain reduction – one method is numbing cream. We discuss the pros and cons with patients and let them choose.

*6. Part of the consult discusses what will be done immediately after treatment. First we like to cool it down again to help reduce swelling. (there are other methods which can begin weeks before.)

*7 We use Aloe Vera and cover with gauze to be removed when arriving home or 2 hours later.Main thing is to let the heat out

*8 After treatment Do not add heat to the body for 2 or 3 days. Sauna, steam room or heavy gym workout. Don’t to raise the core body temperature, allow heat to escape.

*9 Waiting 4 weeks between treatments results in a higher risk of scar tissue being created.  See our Blog Feb 1, 2016 Scars How to avoid them.

*10 Our 3 Italian Lasers were factory purchased and installed September 2014 after an exhaustive 3 month search. 3 actual lasers able to delivering full power to the skin and treat all ink colors.

*11 Most people do not blister if they don’t want to. we educate and give you a choice. as well as written aftercare instructions. Without blistering soreness usually lasts 1 to 5 days.   Blistering does also break up more ink..

*12 I care about people. I try to treat them like I would want to be treated – Like a family Member not just a customer.. We call/text  people 1 or 2 days after treatment to see how they are doing. Everyone gets Mikes Cell Phone Number.

*13 We cool people before during and after treatments. we like to have people take an active part during the procedure as medical studies show this also helps reduce pain.

*14 We Care. 

*15 A consult usually takes about an hour. Some people reminded us that we spent 2 hours at their initial consult.

*16 Its too soon for Mary to be treated just 4 weeks afterwards. Her skin also happens to be peeling, Even if it wasn’t we would not want to treat after only 4 weeks. We have a special wai.ver form for people to sign when they want treatment before we consider ready because we want to give them another chance to reconsider. We really want people to have great skin afterwards. The single easiest factor which does not require “doing anything”  is to wait enough time.

16 Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal. Inc. 6467526392 – There are more advantages not listed here.

We want to acknowledge our thanks to Mary for helping to re-write her experience so that others can benefit. She had a long consult where everything was explained and preparations for less pain for her first tattoo removal treatment with us.

Mary went on vacation after treatment and exposed the area to the sun because that doctor ALSO did not give aftercare instructions to keep area out of the sun post treatment. We are having her wait an additional 5 weeks before her first treatment with us. .

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