Tattoo Removal 2 Treatments- African American Skin – Amazing Most Tattoo Ink Gone


After 2 tretments
After 2 tattoo removal treatments without blisters

Another Successful Happy Patient. Came in after having 2 tattoo Removal treatments with our “Best in the World” 6000 Picosecond Italian Lasers.

We treated her for the third time and said don’t come back till 4 months have past. Since there is very little ink left you don’t need to waste money on extra laser treatments. Its our professional opinion its best to wait more time between treatments when there is very little ink left. Why spend money when you don’t have to?

She said I trust you Mike.  We try to keep your best interests in mind, not the almightly $.   We gave her another method ( for her to do at home-homework) to assist in the tattoo removal process.

African American skin and skin of color needs to be treated differently. So please ask your laser technician if they were trained on how to treat skin of color. Darker skin usually needs more treatments, so getting a great result in only 2 treatments is fantastic. Ps. She did not blister either.

KEEP TATTOOS OUT OF SUN TO STAY LOOKING BETTER AND $ WEEKS BEFORE YOU WANT TO BEGIN LASER TREATMENTS. Keep treated area out of the sun at least 2 months after. If not possible use spf 50+ and re-apply every hour. If tattoo will be in the summer sun -some people get their last treatment in April then wait till October to begin again.

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