Would You Be Disappointed if You Had No Pain The Day After Laser Treatment?


Would You Be Disappointed if You Had No Pain The Day After Laser Treatment? Our Tattoo Removal Laser is Gentle and Powerful.

Our Italian made 3 lasers have a special design feature which takes the laser output and makes it come out evenly on the skin. The Manufacturer even states “no hot spots”. This is why the laser is gentle on the skin. Many people don’t have more than soreness a day or 2 after their first treatment – when they dont want it.

When starting gradually people experience less pain. When they come back 8 weeks later and we make the lasers stronger often they report feeling less pain, Less ink exploding means less pain.

WARNING: There are places doing laser tattoo removal with obviosly untrained operators, using too much laser energy and or too frequent intervals, causing severe blisters, scarring, burns and keloids. In the last 2 weeks we saw 2 such patients. One patient was the 3rd treated by the same place in Manhattan that we have seen with scarring!!!

Our lasers energy output goes as high as 25.5 j Cm2, most other lasers max out at about 4 j Cm2 delivered to the skin for blue or green ink. They use dye packs to change a real laser to a different wavelegth that can work on green. Ours has a real laser that can also work on black, blue, green and the blue portion of purple ink. Our laser has one single burst of energy while the most popular lasers split their pulse into 2 to be able to claim a more powerful output. We believe one pulse is more effective than 2 half pulses because the tissue whitening prevents the second pulse from penetrating. If it cant penetrate the skin it cant reach the ink.

If you want to blister and have more pain and risk, we are happy to fulfill your desires, but its not needed for tattoo removal.

Since the body does most of the removal afterwards, wouldn’t it be smart to focus on what you can do to assist your body in removing the ink? We offer classes and therapies to enhance the process.

Contact us for the latest offerings. Since we have been into alternative medicine and herbs since the 1990’s we can assist you in the path to faster removal and better health.

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