Non Laser Tattoo Removal – Natural Tattoo Removal – Alternative Tattoo Removal – How to Remove Tattoo WITHOUT ACID, SALT or KNIFE

2 parts to tattoo removal. Breaking the tattoo ink and removing the broken ink.

Before we begin we must consider what is the present skin quality? What does that matter? Well you would like to have great skin after tattoo removal? If you did not care about what your skin looks like you could put another tattoo over to cover it. Guess what? Many people do. Days, months and years later they come to us to remove the ink. Now there is a lot more ink to remove over a larger area and sometimes additional scarring from the additional tattooing in the same area.

What kinds of things have caused scarring? What were their qualifications, training, experience?

We have seen scars from salt, knives, cigarettes, TCA (A is acid), lemon,  tattoo artists using a “special solution” 2 people after 1 time, tattoo artists using a dry needle, A tattoo shop doing tattoo removal, A Doctor in AZ using lasers 5 times causing blisters and popping them, A Doctor in Florida using lasers 5 treatments advertising no scarring (one of the worst cases of hipopigmentation we have seen),  Laser facility in Manhattan 3 or 4 people seen with scars),  A place in Manhattan advertising 100x faster scarring after 1 treatment, A Dermatologist in Brooklyn after 1 treatment so strong that it blistered and the patient was in pain for weeks after the doctor popped the blisters (skin Keloided). Mostly scarred after 2 treatments in Kazikstan.


We are well trained and our M,D. is at the same location!!!!!!! We discussed these cases with our M.D. gaining insight from hi 42 years of practice.  We are careful.  National Laser Institute taught many bad scars are caused by doctors untrained in lasers for tattoo removal.  Doctors and Laser salesmen have shared  how surprisingly extreme high power levels some doctors use. Not caring if they cause scars.


Would you like to learn How to remove a tattoo or lighten it without using Lasers?  The tattoo is deep in the skin. To reach that deep will cause scarring if using acids or abrasive methods. One patient commented how great his skin is, looking completely normal. His dad had removal over 10 years ago with much scarring.

We investigated and continue to investigate all new methods of tattoo removal. We want success with as perfect skin as possible.  Laser tattoo removal performed gradually with enough time between treatments is the gold standard.

Asian skin reacts to lasers in unpredictable ways. People with more skin color who want to be able to reverse their tattoo at a future time should stick to black ink. Different lasers affect different colors of ink. The lasers that break up black ink best are colorblind bypassing the skin color and safest for dark skin.  We have training using different lasers on colors of ink in skin with color.

You do not have to have your skin zapped very hard and blister to remove your ink!!!!!!!

We combine holistic and alternative non-invasive and non harmful methods which have evidence of effectiveness to assist in tattoo removal. We give you choices. Some other methods have evidence of improving the functioning of the body. Some methods themselves are free to implement once trained others have a small cost. Others are and will be available in our offices but are not FDA approved for tattoo removal. Only our Italian made Lasers have been submitted and approved by the FDA for tattoo removal.

We want to be partners in your successful tattoo lightening or tattoo removal. Let us work out a plan that best meets your needs.

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