Hyperpigmentation from Tattoo Removal? Cause? Prevention?


What does that mean? Hyper means more, pigment means color. More color, more pigment. Over decades of sun exposure people develop dark spots in the skin. Some people get more pigment or darker spots after tattoo removal. Who, how, why? We have seen it happen sometimes with laser wavelengths for tattoo removal of lighter colors with the 532nm and 694nm wavelengths which affect melanin on people with genetic ability for dark skin. Its also why its used in procedures for removing solar lentigines (sun spots those darker spots on the skin that happen over time with sun exposure)

We recently completed another round of medical research on the causes of hyperpigmentation – with a focus on the cause and possible prevention. The information is also useful to those who wish to reduce their risks of darker pigmentation (like melasma – “the mask of pregnancy”. When the mechanisms involved are understood then the information is useful to those suffering from the opposite, a loss of pigment (vitiliago, and hypopigmentation).

In simplified terms: Hyperpigmentation is caused by an excessive production of melanin. Caused by solar radiation, some laser wavelengths, hormones, chemicals/ foods and certain chemical reactions in the skin. These can be by light , lotions creams topicals or foods taken internally or applied externally.

Loss of pigmentation – the other side of the problem:

There is a laser that helps skin to repigment (it uses wavelengths that cause ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation is said to cause cancer, so we stay away from it) Our previous research, on this laser to repigment skin, revealed a study which identified a group of people who were not able to be helped by this lasr when others were!!! Sometimes more is learned by what does not work. Todays research September 11,2016 clarifies why. They were eating a food which interferes with the chemical process used by melanocytes to make pigment. This means we have the knowledge proven by medical studies of food which interferes with (a treatment of) repigmentation of skin.

If you suffer from hyperpigmentation (whether you want tattoo removal or not) dietary / supplemental intervention may be helpful in reducing hyperpigmentation, as documented in studies. Dietary changes are much less risky than hormonal intervention.

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