Tattoo Removal Difference- Dermatologist v. Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal Difference- Dermatologist v. Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal Inc. “ Yeah it used to hurt really bad for the next few days afterwards” (at Dermatologist) Betty said. Day after we treated her Betty said – “Pretty red but it doesn’t really hurt unless I touch it or my pants touch it” (Thats part of […]

Tattoo Removal 2 Treatments- African American Skin – Amazing Most Tattoo Ink Gone

  Another Successful Happy Patient. Came in after having 2 tattoo Removal treatments with our “Best in the World” 6000 Picosecond Italian Lasers. We treated her for the third time and said don’t come back till 4 months have past. Since there is very little ink left you don’t need to waste money on extra […]

Dark Skin Green and Red Ink Fading After One Treatment.

Darker Skin is not treated with lasers that are known to be effective at removing red ink  with (our 532nm laser) or green ink ( our 694nm laser) very even output Italian made lasers.  We use 1064nm on darker skin because it is the safest. Today one person with Asian and African American genes reported […]

2 Days – My Black Ink is Starting to Fade Completely in Some Spots

I’m totally shocked. Thats what a new tattoo removal patient texted 2 days after her first treatment at Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal Inc. She was told 12 to 15 treatments on average more or less. We “like to under-promise and over deliver” she was told. Summary of One Person’s Tattoo Removal Experience. First 2 days. […]

Falling Asleep During Laser Tattoo Removal- Is it Possible?

Yes it is possible to fall asleep during laser tattoo removal. Tattoo Removal Pain Everyone know Tattoo Removal is a painful process, or can be. Mike is consistently doing medical research seeking to reduce the pain and improve the body’s immune system to remove the tattoo ink ( treated with a laser) faster and the […]

Blistering More Likely Treating Tattoo Cover-Ups

Blistering is more likely when removing tattoos with cover-ups so it is important to tell your laser operator if you have cover-ups. The ink underneath may react differently. There is a higher chance that there may be blistering in that area if the underlying ink absorbs the energy and cant release the heat as fast […]


by Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal Inc. serves the NY metropolitan area and can be reached at 646 572 6392. Office hours by appointment 7 days a week. The 2 parts to Tattoo Removal are A.  the Tattoo Removal Laser and what the body does after lasering. THE MAJORITY OF TATTOO REMOVAL WORK IS DONE BY […]