See also page HOW DOES YOUR TATTOO FEEL – NEXT DAY ANSWERS Would you like PAIN FREE TATTOO REMOVAL WITHOUT NEEDLES? We did it again. On a scale of 1 to 10 how much pain did you feel? The response was zero! We check up on everyone the day after their treatment. Patient said “My tattoo […]

FDA Approves A New PICO Laser for Tattoo Removal

Last week the FDA approved another Picosecond laser for tattoo removal. -This info came from the salesrep. We are on top of the technology and contacted the salesrep that day.  We sent him the specs we dug up and asked if they were right.  He said the salespeople are the last to be informed. We asked […]

R20 Fast Tattoo Removal Method – Tested v. Control

An article in American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS) October 2015 was promoting R20 and a chemical patch to remove the frosting so that additional laser passes can be completed faster during one treatment session. Typical is 3 or 4 passes. The goal was to reduce time between passses. The article used different […]

Tattoo Removal (DIY) Do It Yourself Warning – The Doctors TV

Considering removing your tattoo with a do it yourself kit. The doctors tv shows you what can happen in this segment. We have people coming in with different bad skin from doing it themselves with a knif, fire, acid, and tattoo artist machine with a secret solution (2 different people showed us). SHORT ON CASH? […]

What to do – Before Tattoo Removal

Before tattoo removal – 2 to 4 weeks before begin clearing organs of elimination and improving your diet and drinking more water. We have one supplement that should be started as recommended by the pharmacist/nutritionist on our medical advisory board, OPTIONAL (2 weeks before – For advanced pain reduction stop drinking coffee and see us […]

Tattoo Removal Pain – It Can Be Reduced

There are multiple methods of reducing pain of laser tattoo removal treatments. Women avoid treatments during the first week of your cycle. Drink extra water beginning a few hours before your treatment. Certain Homeopathics are possible. We used them successfully for 2 hours of oral surgery. Adequate Sleep the night before. Diet affects pain perception […]