Technical Background
Lena and  Mike were trained by the Laser Manufacturer in a comprehensive Training Workshop. Mike completed training at National Laser Institute (Arizona).
Mike is a certified CLTR, CLSO, LHR Certified Laser Tattoo Removal, Certified Laser Safety Officer, Certified in Laser Hair Removal, and member ASLMS (American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery). Helping people get clear skin is our passion.
Mike also was trained in Aesthetic Laser Technologies for skin improvements, wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, etc. Mike Consults with Doctors and Certified Laser Tattoo Trainers in multiple states. Mike Is a health coach, Like Dr Oz said it’s about helping people by educating them to make smarter choices.
Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal wants to help make clear skin without scars, blisters or complications. We can treat all Color tattoo inks except white.

Our Italian Lasers Flat beam profile eliminates hot spots, greatly reducing risks of blistering and scarring. Its square laser shape reduces the need for large overlap too.
Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal Inc bought the best lasers NEW from the worldwide largest manufacturer of medical lasers. Our Italian Manufacturer Installed and maintains our lasers flew our technician to Italy for advanced training on servicing our laseres. Ask if the lasers you are to be treated with are “factory installed”, “factory maintained” and periodically adjusted.

What persuaded us to choose our factory installed lasers? It has the lowest rate of scarring and complications besides being able to successfully treat blues and greens, besides black, brown, red, purple, orange, etc. inks.

Mike likes to be the best at what he does, period. Mike has over 15 year of medical research in “alternative” health, healing, natural medicine, herbs, homeopathics, and other healing methods used by people around the world. When his ‘ favorite M.D.’  who practiced complementary and integrative medicine retired, Mike was chosen to receive boxes of the doctors medical books. When Mike asked why he was chosen the answer was “Because you will oput them to good use”..

Mike is also a health coach and together with holistic M.D.’s  formulated an advanced intensive nutritional  treatment plan for a heart attack patient with a dozen diseases. Results?  Dr.said “I see no evidence of a heart attack” the protocol should be published in a medical journal and millions of people may benefit..

Our Medical Advisory Board includes medical experts in Pharmacology, Nutrition, Accupuncture, Homeopathy, Naturopathic Medicine, and more. Our Medical Director is experienced with lasers over ten years and internal medicine 40 years.

We are the first ones licensed in NY to implement the BLAST FASTER TATTOO REMOVAL PROTOCOL. It is teaches people how to speed the body’s ink removal process. Participation is optional, but recommended.

How Much or Little You Choose to enhance the your body’s ability to remove tattoo ink that was lasered and other toxins is up to you.  We can educate you.
The better your body works the faster the ink will fade.
Initial consult is presently Free if scheduled within 7 days.
Policy may change at any time.

Tattoos don’t have to be permanent.

If you have KELOIDS see our blog post. We can help.
Mike is a Health Coach. He has helped educate people to make smarter choices for their health problems. Like Heart disease, high blood pressure, A-Fib,CHD, Cardiomyopathy, Arthritis, Alzheimers, Diabetes, Gout, Impotence, Libido, Lack of Energy (24 to 86 yrs of age), weight loss, PAIN of all kinds and places, unexplainable non-logical destructive behavior in (8 yr old), Broken bones, Better Sleep, Allergic Reactions, Skin Tags, HDL, LDL, oxidized cholesterol, reversal of heart attack evidence, Heart Ejection fraction, Osteoarthritis, Hearing improvement, Smoother Skin from the inside, Incontinence, sexual issues, shape of mouth being too small for all the teeth (proven cause nutrition), and so many more.

Mike learns from leading doctors, and teaches doctors too. A Lawyer said Mike’s ability is to simplify the complex. The Lawyer is a client too. Mikes passion is neurology and disease reversal. If you want to have better health than the average American, ask yourself, what am I doing differently?