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There are 2 parts to Tattoo Removal. What the Tattoo Removal Q-switched Laser does and what the body does.
The body does most of the work. Lasers make the ink smaller, but the body has to remove the ink. Because the body does most of the removal, we became licensed practitioners of the B.L.A.S.T. Faster Tattoo Removal Protocol.
The protocol does for the body what the laser does for the tattoo. It makes the body better able to remove the ink!!!! I will call it BLAST. BLAST uses the best from many different types of integrative or alternative medicine and evidence from traditional medical studies to help the body remove the tattoo ink that has been treated with a laser to remove it. BLAST recognizes the body as a whole and focuses on elimination (think remove the ink), defense or protection (think antioxidants) and repair (think healing). While a major portion of the BLAST faster tattoo removal protocol is founded upon is NUTRITION, it uses modalities from older and newer forms of medicine too. As long as there is no potential harm, but a benefit, it may be included.

If the body needs 7 nutrients for a process to occur and one nutrient is missing then the process will be flawed or may not occur at all. Not only physical aspects affect us, but mental, emotional, social and belief/ religious systems also affect us and our health. BLAST uses what works. Some of the proven methods are not well known because America is based on the power of Pharmaceutical lobby.

Only a doctor can diagnose treat cure or prevent a disease by law. So the “system” keeps tight control” and prevents non drug based methods that hurt their bottom line profits. It a natural nutrient can prevent a disease (and many can, do, and lack of nutrients causes many diseases well known and not so well known) a claim can not be made or else the FDA will ask for studies showing proof or take the item off the over the counter market and call it a drug – needing a prescription.

Only a doctor can prescribe. They keep doctors in line too. If a doctor does something not approved as “usual and customary”, the doctor may be disciplined or lose a license, even if it works and was published to work. There really is no medical freedom left in America. Thats a different post. Did you know you are not allowed to pay for and get your own results from your own bodily fluids. A lab is not allowed to by law!
In NY 2 different doctors said they want to do tests but are not allowed to in NY State.

This is a typical reaction.
Taught client how to increase immune system activity and lymphatic cleansing using the B.L.A.S.T. Faster Tattoo Removal Protocol, He kept saying “wow” I learned so much. He also gained insight into other temporary skin conditions that he had been suffering with. He learned techniques he can do at home to enhance tattoo removal which cost no money. Yes There are some Free Tattoo Removal enhancement techniques. He wants both his coverup tattoo and underlying tattoos to be removed in order to keep his job.

Eat as nutritious as possible and your health will be better, your tattoo will fade faster and you will have more energy and less aches and pains.
A friend said his doctor said I bet you spend a lot of money on vitamins. My friend said I’d rather spend money on vitamins than on doctors.