Reviews & Comments After Tattoo Removal Treatment


Day after treatment we check-up on you. These are some typical actual responses:

“Was showing a friend the before and after, it looks great man thanks a lot” Day after second treatment he said “It’s good no pain, let it ventilate all day yesterday” 2 treatments done on one area and one treatment done on another (There were 3 separate appointments. Parts of tattoo were made too dark and others were not liked. Patient gave tattoo artist freedom to do what artist thought best. Unfortunately added ink was not liked. So he came to us to “fix tattoo with laser”)

“It’s great, it got much lighter. Im not under much stress and I’ve lost about 25 lbs due to a healthy diet change and going to the gym regularly.

” Since our first treatment my tattoo has faded dramatically. The majority of the fading occurred gradually over the last two months instead of  weeks as you anticipated and I love how unscarred the skin is.  My father had his tattoo removed [elsewhere] and its all scarred up. I appreciate your professionalism.” G Manhattan

” Hey Mike really good they got really light.”: M. Queens BLTR: After 5th or 6th treatment (no blisters)

“No pain, just very red like last time.”  I.. Bklyn  BLTR: Third  time. Patients goal is fastest removal using strong laser setting – not using anything to assist the body (which is the largest factor) Blistering wanted, 

“it’s good. No reaction or redness.” S. Queens  BLTR: Eyebrow shaping. Patient first time here treated once elsewhere. Did not want redness.

“It Blisters right away” P. Bklyn BLTR: Patients second time. First time patient said he did not want to blister at all. Second time said its ok if I bkister but try to make it so I don’t blister, 

“Not sore at all. Lets go much higher next time!!” BLTR: Patients wants to blister each time,

“Small bump, but feels fine. No pain.”  BLTR:Told patient to apply Aquaphor, Test spot performed on black and blue portion of tattoo to see if 1064nm wavelength would be effective or if we will use 694nm laser to treat tattoo. Our 694nm is a real laser operating at 30,000 picoseconds,  few tattoo removal machines have a “real” laser effective on Blue and Green.

“Its just a little bit swollen, Thank you”  A

” They’re doing good, redness around the rib tattoo but the red tattoo on my finger is very blistered” A.B.

“No pain at all.” N.W. Bklyn

“Its been a month or so, my tat have faded even more” J.Y. S.I.

“Its not bad, swelling is going down should be gone in a couple of days” J. J SI.

“Hi, Good morning Doctor, Its looking good, no blisters, no pain, Thanks  alot” One week later” Hi Good morning how are you?  I am doing like you said and its working, thanks.” BLTR: Two months after the first treatment. “Hi there, how are you? Most of the ink cleared up. Thanks for the reminder”.  S. J. Queens BLTR: Mike is not a doctor. Dr T is here at same location (Big Advantage). Today asked Dr T. about suitability of person with Hyperpigmentation and sun exposure.

“Good no pain” S.G.  Bklyn

Back of neck 3 Treatments- said “almost gone”-  See third row of pictures in pictures section.

“Great thank U. The one on my ankle is already like almost gone cuz it was very light.”

“Hey Mike how are you? Just an update. I’m healing fine does not hurt at all looking forward to the next  session.”  L. Queens

“Used the supplement for something totally different. Lower back spine pain, tight tendons, tingling on thighs. It seems to be helping.”  BLTR: I also use it when I overdo gardening for hours bending over’.   I think it helped bcuz my tailbone is a problem. G. NJ

“Hurts more than usual but only when touched. no blistering, just a little red. The tattoo never gets this red. This is the first time. P. Bklyn NY.  BLTR: The tattoo was a coverup and P. did not want to blister. This was her 5th treatment and she has seen continual progress from the first treatment. Most of the coverup is gone and much of the original tattoo underneath too.  P. is now ready to begin having additional areas treated.  We adjust Laser power each treatment to patients desired goal at that treatment. Blister or no blister, more or less discomfort after. Our lasers are the “best”  much more adjustable than the most hyped laser on the market  and more powerful too.   
“No pain, little redness. Will go for a walk today. The finger did hurt more and got swollen but I iced it. Ribs was very itchy but I only used  Neosporin and ignored it. Very little inflammation. A. Bklyn,NY

“Good  morning mike, the tattoo feels fine. It’s inflamed and feels warm, but isn’t uncomfortable. Ive been putting aloe on it”..BLTR: We gave many suggestions to help reduce inflammation and speed fading.. “Thanks for your time and knowledge. It’s a pleasure working with you.”

“Foot is good, don’t really feel anything” S. Manhattan. BLTR: S. Noticed it getting lighter weeks after 1st session. Further from the heart usually responds slowly. Since it is inside his shoe extra care must be taken by us to minimize or eliminate blisters and pain. Forgetting about it and seeing it get lighter are the ideal results.

“I FEEL GREAT NO PAIN AT ALL just a little bit tho like very little raised”  BLTR:Great. Still be gentile to the area for a few days. Sure beats dealing with blisters and pain.”Ok i will yes it sure does i appreciate you soooo much thanks”.L Staten Island

“Fine thank u. Looking forward foe next section” Y. NY

“Blisters” A. NYC   BLTR: Patients goal was to blister. Advised to break large area into 2 sections done at different times so body can remove the ink faster. – Advice not heeded.. 10 days later Patient was upset that a part of one color ink did NOT BLISTER. (Yes it sounds crazy – But we cant make this stuff up We try to satisfy each persons wishes) Therefore Patient thought we missed the spot.  We sent pictures showing whole area was done. Every area does not react the same way just as the ink does not stay in the skin the same way in every spot.

“In fact, I didn’t have to ice it at all. It felt comfortable as time went by. Today it was a bit itchy with no or little pain and discomfort” S Manhattan.

“Good. dont feel anything honestly” M Brooklyn


:”1% pain when touched, It’s good:”  “It is fine. No ice needed. A little red around the orange area. But good. ”  K. Bklyn

“They actually feel fine:) if i touch them with pressure  they are a little sore.” A. Bklyn NY

” I woke up the pain was gone. Didnt need ice”  M. Bklyn NY

” Its fine no pain and no blisters” K Qns NY.

” Some parts of it are bubbly. It doesn’t hurt and i didn’t put ice on it. The tattoo color is the same. BLTR: sounds like small blisters.  “Yes they are very small. It not a lot either” ” I don’t know if the bubbly parts are blisters. Blisters are supposed to be white” ” I wont scratch” 3 DAYS LATER:  ” The color is getting a bit lighter, It hasn’t iched or peeled. Next time I want a higher setting”  BLTR: each time we do a higher setting. Do you want to blister about the same? ” I want to blister more.” 2 DAYS AFTER THAT: “my tattoo is peeling. it looks like dry skin and it is peeling” Almost 3 weeks later BLTR: skin still raw and dry?   :IT RAW BUT NOT DRY, IT DOESNT LOOK DRY, BUT FEELS DRY.” l Bklyn

” Its good, I see a difference on the right side with the fading. only the green and orange looks the same…the scabs are going away… only had one blister on the left side”  ” I was actually impressed..I didn’t think I’ll notice a difference so I can’t wait until I do it with a higher level.  BLTR ink was lots of RED and GREEN which require more easing into higher power levels to minimize discomfort and blistering – making aftercare much easier-. Our Finest Lasers have much more power levels DRAMATICALLY MORE for GREEN and BLUE TATTOO INK – More people are coming to us after their Dr’s can no longer treat their tattoo. Their “most popular: lasers can no longer remove the ink.  We HAVE THE FINEST 3 ACTUAL TRUE LASERS FOR TREATING ALL COLORS. Lasers don’t see white ink – so keep it in mind when getting a tattoo. .

BLTR: African American Skin (responds slower) tattoos near each eye: Only after 3rd treatment patient began to take supplement we recommended -We see people having faster removals and tried multiple different formulas ( It also reduces inflammation and people report faster healing and some  can run/exercise longer and/or without getting winded like they did previously). “Hey doc I took the supplement, left side tattoo is still inflamed.. right side is healing up okay, it actually looks faded.” BLTR: And just 2 days ago I had to show you pictures because you did not see it fading. -( It was getting lighter but he sees it daily so was not able to recognize the gradual changes.) “Sorry I was beginning to doubt you.” (Five months later) “Doc I might come in for a session this month”  B. Bronx NY 

“Hey Mike can i put something on the tattoo to help with the burning? To the touch it burns and sometimes when I move Like really just sore not so much hurting”

” Great thank u. The one on my ankle is already like almost gone cuz it was very light”. J Qns (BLTR first tx)

Bltr:Day After extra strong treatment. ” It’s feeling better it feels like a bruise a little., It looks very good” P. Bklyn

Bltr: 2 areas done.    “Should I  ice it? It doesn;t hurt or anything I just put more aloe and gauze paper before I went to sleep it;s a  little swollen  but that’s it. My back is a lot more inflamed. I will send a picture” M. Bklyn

Bltr 9 days later: ”  They are good no pain or scabbing thanks. M. Bklyn

Bltr half sleeve after first treatment.  “Healing is fine. Thanks. Painless, pretty much & think i see lines disintegrating.” T. Manhattan.

No Its actually fine I don’t feel anything surprising right? D. S. I.

Bltr: after second treatment. “Fine:. gotta see about Sept.” T. Bklyn

Bltr: different person after first treatment..  “It look like i just got it.” T. Bklyn

“the tattoo has gotten lighter” H. Queens NY.


CASE NJ resident- Permanent Eyebrow Makeup had 5 treatments in NJ. First one caused brown ink to change to blackish gray the other 4 NJ treatments did absolutely nothing. We treated her showed her what it looked like 2 minutes after we treated it with our Italian Q Switched Laser. Patient: “Wow: Its not bleeding”

BLTR: what do you mean?Patient: “Every time the last place treated me I had blood dripping off my face.”BLTR: We never even heard of that. 2 days later: Patient: Its itching: – We gave info.

16 days  Patient: ” Hello! Yes. I’ve noticed that my left eyebrow got much lighter. The right one not so much.” Results- some itching for a few days(did not put cream on to stop itching), tattoo ink much lighter and lighter..

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