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Cancer+ GMO+ Food Labeling & Your Right To Know.

Article outlines Food Processing companies trying to use federa law to STOP OUR RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT IS IN THE FOOD.

It Lists some large companies pledging to remove GMO or label them.

Mikes Made Simple: Companies spray poisons on crops to grow more and dont care that they are known to cause health problems. So they want to make it against the law to label it. HEALTH PROBLEMS? The chemicals destroy the intestinal systems (of insects – but not proven safe to people. This is called GMO. They modify the crop to not die so the poisons kill the insects. So when we eat the (regular not organic) food we get those same poisons.

Some people want to be able to choose better for their children and themselves.  I endorse the medical advice (not the products) given by Dr Mercola and have been learning from him over 20 years.