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Best laser tattoo removal with out scars or blisters

All skin pigments and colors removed.
Tattoo Ink is broken into little pieces by lasers and then the body removes the ink over a months.

  Faster Safer Tattoo Removal

  • Safest Powerful 3 Lasers – Flat Square Shape – Italian
  • Dr on Premises  – Operates Cosmetic Laser Center
  • Experienced- Trained -Certified – Insured
  • Your choice of treatment NO Blister or Blister or R0 or R20
  • POP pay one price Tattoo Removal Written Guarantee  or Packages or Per treatment
  • Many Different Pain Reduction Methods
  • 7 Day appointments.
  • Text After Each Treatment, because we care.
  • Most Comprehensive Consultation Anywhere,
  • Advanced options for Less or No Swelling
  • Waiting Longer between treatments is YOUR Friend
  • Continual State of the Art Lasers & Education
  • Holistic Natural Nutritional Evaluation and classes to speed ink removal
  • Specializing in Tattoo Removal –  When you specialize you get better
  • People come in with scars from treatments done somewhere else. BEWARE.
  • Please dont use acid, creams, fire, knives, you may remove part but Will Damage your skin
  • We want to be Partners in Your Success!!!
  • We treat you like a member of our family because WE CARE!
  • Join Our Family of Successful Removals

You don’t have to be in a lot of pain for a long period of time.

You don’t need a “scab treatment kit”

Some of the claimed best lasers cause scars after 1,3,4, treatments. People come to us after they scar.

At Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal, Inc we use the worlds best tattoo removal lasers made by an Italian company in a Laser Medical Center. 6000 Picosecond lasers fragment tattoo ink into smaller pieces so it’s easier for your body to remove. Your body does the removal, by tuning up your immune system’s ability to remove the tattoo ink, it comes out faster. The “B.L.A.S.T.  Faster Tattoo Removal” is a nutritionally and herbally based protocol to speed your bodys ability to remove the ink faster. It is safer to improve your body’s functioning rather than trying to blast the tattoo with lots of Laser energy. If you want clear scar free skin then Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal is the right place for tattoo removal.

Our lasers are the safest on your skin because (A) of their Flat Top Beam Profile and (B) square shape. The flat top beam profile and square shape eliminates hot spots, square shape minimizes laser overlap, together they greatly reduce risks of blistering using the same power.

Most popular lasers go up to a power setting of 14JcM2 ours goes over 22. Our 8 seems stronger than their 14.  Multiple people come from derms after those lasers can no longer remove the ink after (7 or more) treatments and we find our lasers at a setting of 8 works!!

Eliminating hot spots in the laser beam means you can be treated with less laser energy effectively. A round shape laser output has hot spots in the center more likely to cause blistering at a lower power setting. Blistering increases your discomfort,increases the risks of potential scarring and complications(but breaks up more ink- it is a burn). People are surprised that our laser treatments do not have to cause blisters and we hear comments like “I did not blister, shouldn’t I blister does that mean it is not working”? We can blister you if you wish. Our FDA Italian made Lasers are Great for your skin.

Minimizes Pain through Epidermal Skin Numbing Zimmer Cryo 6

Our Zimmer Cryo 6’s epidermal skin numbing technology reduces pain and chances of thermal injuries, It blows very cool air. We can use numbing cream but most people dont need it, especially if we use our advanced healing treatment afterwards.

Many people say the pain stops right after treatment by our lasers. We have many other pain reduction methods..

Treatment is very fast for smaller areas sometimes under a minute. After -we apply a natural substance (with antiviral and antibacterial properties) proven to speed skin cell regeneration twice as fast to the area and cover with gauze lightly taped in place. In 2 hours or less people can remove the gauze. If you get a very strong treatment you can minimize risk of blistering by keeping skin moist.

Nutrition and herbs can have a large impact assisting or hindering your body in removing the lasered tattoo ink. The more you can improve your body’s functioning the faster your immune system will remove the tattoo ink. We offer classes.

To save you time, we see people by appointment day, evening and weekends. By appointment only. Located in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn NY   One block from B+Q trains (Sheepshead Bay station)  and municipal parking. Parking is easiest on Sundays.

Do not expose the area to uv or sunlight before, after and during the removal process. When skin is damaged by uv light its ability to repair itself is reduced.  Contact us with your concerns. We are here to help you. We can educate you how you can improve many aspects of your health and or just for faster tattoo removal. (Nutritional and herbal support are a part of it.)

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How it Works

The tattoo removal process removes ink one layer at a time (like peeling an onion) and typically requires multiple treatments. The size, density, client’s health/age, color of ink, color of skin, coverup or single layer of ink, circulation, immune system efficiency and area of body are factors affecting number of treatments your body will need. We can speed this process.
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Faster Tattoo Removal – Help Your Body Lighten the Tattoo Faster with B.L.A.S.T. -( Risk Free- Pain Free)

Increase your body’s power to eliminate tattoo ink that was lasered and speed up the removal process. The more you are willing to do the faster the removal can increase. Its done by increasing your health. The full B.L.A.S.T. Faster Tattoo Removal Protocol begins with a one time 7 day diary of everything you eat and drink