How it Works


Some layers of ink – body heals quicker but continues removing ink over many months.

Why not all the ink? There would be permanent damage in the skin!!!  It would hurt too much.

Have we ever broken up all the ink at one time?  Yes when it was very old.

There are 2 parts, LASERS and BODY.

The Body does most of the removal!!!!

If you want to see a Dr specializing in the immune system call an immunologist and he/she studied nutritional medicine and studied Tattoo Removal they could help you.  Or you could see us. We are not Immunology doctors but have been studying nutritional medicine (called naturopathic medicine or natural medicine) sine the 1990s, Thats why Shelly Cooke, the leading tattoo removal trainer at the world famous National Laser Institute Inc,  Phoneix,AZ, said “Your patients will do so much better by assisting the body to remove the ink”.


WE ARE TATTOO REMOVAL EXPERTS. Since 2014 our Medical Director is Here. He is not a phantom m.d. He has trained us in different aspects as they appeared.

Your safety is our first concern. We can not turn the lasers on maximum power because you “can take it”.Its not appropriate, Each persons body woks individually and differently. Ink on different areas of the body fades differently even on the same person!!!

We can help you help your body to remove the ink FASTER. We need to Work together. Your Whole body may feel benefits!  Its really up to you, how much your want to do to help yourself. We teach people how they can improve their health in many areas. It depends on Your efforts.

6000 Picsecond lasers breaks up ink into small pieces that your body removes over time. Multiple treatments are needed depending on many factors and your immune system, lymphatic flow and circulation.

Laser Tattoo Removal using the Safest Lasers in Sheepshead Bay Cosmetic Laser Medical Center in Brooklyn NY. We serve the NYC Metropolitan area, NJ CT, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, LI. Only 1 block from Q & B trains and parking. Day, evening and weekend appointments available. Some people come fly into NY and see us for treatments. Some drive hours. Some consult with us by telephone from other states.

We are continually doing education, research and improving results.  We  added other machines and supplementary treatments to assist removal. Including non laser treatments taught by a Dr of Physical Therapy.  We have many tools to assist the process.

We use the worlds best Italian Lasers. What makes us different? We teach nutritional support and educate you how to help your body’s immune system to eliminate the ink faster. The “B.L.A.S.T. Faster Tattoo Removal Protocol” is optional.. It focuses on Superior Nutrition and includes elements of. Herbal, Homeopathic, Orthomolecular, Microcellular, Naturopathic, and Integrative Medicine, and more. It will teach you what you can change to feel better and remove the tattoo ink that was lasered faster

We specialize in laser tattoo removal. Not 20 different things with lasers. Our Medical director offers all other aesthetic and cosmetic laser services on the same floor. Since we are not doctors, and specialize in tattoo removal, we can charge less, take more time to answer your questions and offer flexible hours 7 days a week for appointments. Please call as early as possible if you will be late or need to change an appointment.

The best lasers in the world have a square output for less overlap and flat top beam profile for no hot spots and less chance of blisters. More comfort and less pain for you.

Our goal is that you are happy with the results. We strive to do the best for you, the bulk of the removal is really done by you!!! That’s where our knowledge  of nutrition and nutritional supplements and alternative medicine can teach you how you can supporting your body along with with nutritional compliments the B.L.A.S.T. Protocol.

R20 or R0 method of tattoo removal:  We believe using R0 and R20 tattoo removal methods are not the best choice (because of the following:). 1 Study of 12 people is not much to go on. There are real increased risks of complications, scarring, loss of pigment. Common senses says since skin needs time to heal. All laser manufacturers say wait 4 to 8 weeks between treatments.. How can 2, 3 or 4 laser treatments be performed 20 minutes later apart without allowing the skin to heal? Laser manufacturers say only treat intact skin.  R20/R0 does cause blistering, increases risks of scarring and infection. Why do they do it?  One R20 dermatologist advertises they charge $400 per treatment and do 4 in one day for $1600 and you sign a waiver. Tattoo ink was made to be permanent. Removal takes time. If you want it off faster increase your ability to remove the ink faster, learn the BLAST protocol (to remove your ink faster WITHOUT THE RISKS) do as much as you can to reduce competing resources and be patient.  We do perform R20 for some people as long as they understand the risks.

Since your body does the majority of the tattoo removal work, the speed of tattoo removal/ lightening occurs because of the effectiveness of your circulation, immune system, and organs of elimination! Thats why we believe in supportive services like the BLAST Protocol to assist your body to do its job better. “The positive side effects of better functioning, better sleep, less pain, faster healing, etc pleasantly surprises most people. Our Medical Advisory Board recommends certain supplements 2 to 4 weeks before laser treatments begin to open channels of elimination. How far you want to go to improve your body is up to you. The education to support how much you want to do to speed the removal with the appropriate education. UPDATE R20 3 or 4 treatments is only done on lighter skin types and reduced energy is used each treatment. The study said there is more epidermal damage and also said more blistering/ pinpoint bleeding and said increased ink clearance is much improved.. The cost is usually 4 times the single treatment price. The waiting time for the next appointment is 3 months after R20.

Most of the Tattoo Ink is removed by your body’s lymphatic system and blood supply not any lasers. The lasers selectively target the tattoo ink colors and shatters it into little fragments which are better able to be removed by your body’s little pac-men. Think Ink the size of a basketball and immune system cells marble size pac-men trying to swallow the basketball. The laser’s 6000 pico seconds burst of energy  fragments the ink into small pieces to be gobbled up by your pac-men much better  Since the body has many other things to do, ink removal is only one of them. Smoking greatly slows down removal because it creates many toxins that your immune system prioritizes for removal , so a smokers immune system is busy..

Lasers also see the pigment in your skin and are attracted to pigment. It really cant tell the difference between pigment in your skin and pigment in the tattoo. But the pigment in ink is at a different level than tattoo ink. Different laser wavelengths go deeper than others and bypass the melanin(skin color cells). So for darker skin the best colors to remove are black and dark blue. Different colors of ink are treated with different wavelengths of lasers. Tattoo inks can have many colors or have different components that respond differently/ There is a chance that the ink may get darker and either come off or not come off. Permanent makeup tends to have more trouble because they tend to use metals in the inks. So we do a test spot first.

Darker skin is safest treated with 1064nm wavelength which is most effective on Black ink and very dark blue. If you have dark skin and are considering a tattoo only get black ink if you want to have the best chances for removal later.

Keloids are a very difficult problem.  There is a protocol that has positive results in reversing them partially or completely. Studies have identified dietary components that add to the problem in people who are genetically predisposed to get keloids. Some of the recommended supplements for tattoo removal are useful for people with keloids..

Lets repeat.
Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal Inc uses the best lasers to removal all tattoo inks and  the BLAST Protocol consultations teache how you can increase your body’s ink removal faster. This can reduce the number of laser treatments need to remove your tattoo saving you time, money and pain. We refer people to doctors  for various services to help them. Ie easy way to stop smoking or remove stretch marks or keloids..

Increasing your body’s abilty to remove tattoo ink is the safest way to fade a tattoo faster or get back to your original skin

We don’t tell you what to do. We educate and guide you.
Some people say just laser me like everyone else and others say teach me what I can do so that my body will do more of the work and I will save money and need less laser treatments.

Stay out of the sun or uv lamps 4 weeks before and more after treatments. Avoiding UV rays during the whole removal process is best, but some people take a break from the process during warm weather. They may get their last treatment in April wait at least 2 full months before begining a tan. Then wait till October till their tan has gone before begining treatments again. Others use a strong sunblock and or cover the area being treated besides the sunblock and come after April and Before October. As long as the tattoo is out of the sun or well protected with spf50+ you should be fine. Skin has the best ability to repair and rebuild when it is at its’ lightest natural color.

Our Zimmer chiller provides cool air to reduce the level of discomfort, and protect the skin. Some people choose numbing cream too. Drinking more water regularly also reduces pain and helps removal.

The actual laser process is fast, just a few minutes not hours. Make an appointment for a consult (while it is still free) where all your questions and concerns will be answered. Evening and weekend hours available too. We will look at and give you information without obligation.. We have payment plans too.


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Mike is an alternative medicine health consultant. He helped a heart attack patient with a dozen diseases get so much better that one doctor, after observing “no longer any evidence of having had a heart attack” suggested the protocol be submitted to a medical journal for publication so a million heart disease patients can benefit. Mike says its not him just the information he learned from leading doctors of the last 15+ years of his study of integrative natural and orthomolecular medicine.

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