Midnight Tattoo Removal

BUSY? NO TIME?  Tattoo Removal Treatments on Your Schedule.

8 pm to 8 a.m. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday..

Consultation and or Treatment made at mutually agreeable times.


Does it cost more for after hours treatment? Yes. But our prices are very reasonable it may still cost less. You may also save from having to lose a day of work.


YOU NEED TO…  Day before gently shave hair in area.

Area must be intact and out of sun for at least 4 weeks before treatment. you should be in good health and not be sick. Drinking lots of water reduces pain. We have ice, Zimmer chiller, numbing cream and (legal) pills that can help reduce pain,

Be over 18.

Multiple treatments are needed depending on many factors. If you want to blister, we can help you. If you do not want to blister we can help you too..

After we agree on a time and day for your appointment, you will give us a deposit which will be forfeited if you cancel without 24 hours notice or don’t keep your appointment..You will agree to the terms by email..

Unfortunately this policy is due to many people not keeping appointments and no-shows.