Tattoo Removal Pain – It Can Be Reduced

There are multiple methods of reducing pain of laser tattoo removal treatments. Women avoid treatments during the first week of your cycle. Drink extra water beginning a few hours before your treatment. Certain Homeopathics are possible. We used them successfully for 2 hours of oral surgery. Adequate Sleep the night before. Diet affects pain perception […]

How To Prevent Tattoo Removal Scarring- from Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments and Why Does It Happen?

We had a new potential patient come for a consult who had white scar tissue in part of the tattoo today. He had 4 prior treatments at a competitor claiming to give the best laser treatments, The white scarring reminded us of another patient who also had white scarring and was previously treated by the […]

Advanced Tattoo Removal Seminar

Yesterday we attended a seminar by a large laser manufacturer of tattoo removal lasers.  They were describing their scientists’ findings on how to best treat tattoo ink.with lasers. One of the things learned were advanced treatment techniques including how to treat people with pigment in their skin for tattoo colors other than black ink. One […]

Dark Skin Green and Red Ink Fading After One Treatment.

Darker Skin is not treated with lasers that are known to be effective at removing red ink  with (our 532nm laser) or green ink ( our 694nm laser) very even output Italian made lasers.  We use 1064nm on darker skin because it is the safest. Today one person with Asian and African American genes reported […]