When You Get A Tattoo – Would You Want to Know Which Ink Colors Can Not Be Removed With Laser Treatments?

GIVE US YOUR COMMENTS. Our patients have told us if they had known before they would have made different color choices. Send us your comments here or by email. Pass this along. Brooklyn laser tattoo removal Inc has Lasers to remove all colors, but lasers don’t see white, and certain lasers are not safe for […]

Faster Tattoo Removal – the power is in your hands.

New Lower Prices and shorter classes to speed your tattoo removal with B.L.A.S.T. Faster Tattoo Removal Protocol HOW CAN THE B.L.A.S.T. FASTER TATTOO REMOVAL PROTOCOL BENEFIT ME? It’s a series of 15 to 30 minute modules how to improve your bodies ability to remove tattoo ink that was lasered. WHY THE CHANGES. People were asking […]

Tattoo Removal Should I Want To Blister?

Tattoo Removal Should I Want To Blister? BrooklynLaserTattooRemoval.com 646 572 6392 Tattoos are placed in the middle layer of skin. Q-switched Lasers designed for Tattoo Removal come in multiple wavelengths to treat many different colors of tattoo ink. We have the best 3 lasers in the world by largest medical laser manufacturer. It has a […]


by Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal Inc. serves the NY metropolitan area and can be reached at 646 572 6392. Office hours by appointment 7 days a week. The 2 parts to Tattoo Removal are A.  the Tattoo Removal Laser and what the body does after lasering. THE MAJORITY OF TATTOO REMOVAL WORK IS DONE BY […]