Religious Tattoo Removal

Remove a tattoo for religious reasons


Christian tattoo removal

Jewish tattoo removal

Muslim tattoo removal

We can help you feel better about yourself or for your spouses ( religion, opinion (or their family).If you want to remove your tattoo without blistering you found the right company.


People from the above religions have said it is against their religion or they were going to become a religious official and having a tattoo was against their religion.

Engaged to be married? Does your spouses family frown on tattoos? We help get you out of this situation. The sooner you start the sooner it comes off.

Some religious cemeteries prohibit burial if people have tattoos. Until someone takes them to court it may be a good idea to check with your family cemetery to make sure your final wishes will be respected without doing tattoo removal.


If A person is not in good health we may be able to perform tattoo removal while working with your doctor. Our nutritional and herbal specialists may be able to improve your health enough to obtain your doctors consent for tattoo removal. We were successful after a heart attack and diabetes so the Dr said no evidence of a former heart attack, diabetes is so under control (gone) that the patient no longer needs to be tested.

Don’t cover your skin anymore to hide your tattoo.

Removal is now more affordable with payment plans and longer periods between payments. We like to wait 8 weeks to let your body remove more ink before doing the next tattoo removal treatment. It also increases your safety and lowers tattoo removal risks. We also have services to greatly reduce the pain levels too.

Tell us what you are interested in and we will try to make it happen.

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