Tattoo Removal Guarantee – Pay One Price

Tattoo Removal Guaranteed = Pay One Price

This is an option that we offer in advance of treatment.One Fixed price Includes supportive help to speed your specific individualized removal.OUR TATTOO REMOVAL GUARANTEE will be signed by both parties. No oral promises.

OUR TATTOO REMOVAL GUARANTEE PROVIDES Laser tattoo removal treatments for up to 2 years. If tattoo ink is not 95% removed by then we will provide additional treatments up to an additional year AT ZERO CHARGE.

Others charge up to 30% for additional treatments when their “guarantee” fails. Others claim a 10% failure rate.

One of the many things that makes us different is our well respected M.D. is at our location (not just a name on paper like most other places) operating a cosmetic laser practice over ten years with over 40 years medical experience. He performs other cosmetic & laser services at the same location.

Each written Tattoo Removal Guarantee is customized to meet your goals:

  • Comprehensive Tattoo Removal with parts A (laser) and B (body),
  • Optional tattoo removal therapy (sessions with our non laser machines to speed the revmoval)

NOTE: The National Laser Institute teaches the body does most of the work of removal!!!

A Holistic integrated approach incorporating many supportive methods assisting the body makes more sense than just relying on the laser to remove your ink. Mike has been into Alternative Medicine since the 1990’s. Join our family of successful tattoo removal and have the added “side effects” of a better functioning body and health.

We assume the risks of your needing additional treatments beyond 2 years..

Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal Inc’s Tattoo Removal Guarantee is a written agreement which requires a one time payment in full and 2 signatures before the expiration date.

Financing is available. The agency says: you need a credit score of 650 and yearly income of $24000 loans come with 12 months of zero interest. We recommend their option to decline within 7 days of approval, if you dont like the terms you are approved for. They sometimes get loans for people with lower scores.



You do not have to do a complete removal package to obtain our services. We recommend treatment packages of a few sessions. We also offer individual sessions and have some flexible payment terms.

Call for an appointment at 646 572 6392 or email us. Read our Blogs, articles, and reviews. Appointments can be changed easily by text when you have our private cell. Our number above does not receive pictures or texts.

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